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Casa Miani-Arvedi is located in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

It is a home for school-aged boys from Negros Oriental as well as other places in the Visayas and Mindanao region of the Philippines. Most of the boys in our care are either orphans, street children, or from extremely poor families.

At Casa Miani, the child's essential needs such as food, shelter, medical & dental services and education are provided to them at least until their family or a foster family is able to care for them.

Casa Miani-Arvedi is one of 5 Casa Miani orphanages in the Philippines run by the Somascan Fathers whose founder is St. Jerome Emiliani. Casa Miani-Arvedi is the 4th orphanage to be built. In the year 2001, Mr. and Mrs. Giovanni Arvedi arrived from Italy to donate the funds for the building and construction began. In 2002, the first 15 children to live at Casa Miani were accepted and since then, Casa Miani-Arvedi, has been thriving and growing in many ways.

The house has a capacity of 40 children and the center is constantly adapting to the needs of the boys. Every boy goes to school and all the boys take part in daily and weekend activities at the center to help in their overall positive development. Life skills, tutorials, singing with the Vox Orphanorum Choir, and religious formation and spirituality of the Catholic Faith are some of our programs.

The staff helps to provide a caring family environment and people, such as students from the surrounding universities, neighbors, and friends often come to interact with the children and provide extra help and support.

Thank you for visiting our webpage and your interest in our organization and mission!

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